EM Featured Artist - April 2019

The Oneeders

Successfully Avoiding Litigation from Tom Hanks Since 2006

Check out our inaugural E.M. Featured Artist: The Oneeders!

The Lineup
  • Jason Ezzell (Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Drums, Professionalism*)
  • Jordan Beck (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keys, Excessive Profanity*)
  • John Phillips (Drums, Vocals, Keys, Harmonious Caterwauls*)
  • Bret Woolbright (Bass, Vocals, McRib Adulation**)
  • Tony Skahan (Guitar, Vocals, Sparkly Jeans*)

*Non instrument-related commentary provided by either the band or some hilarious hackers.

**Full disclosure: Mr. Woolbright happens to be my cubicle neighbor during business hours. Insatiable McRib craving confirmed.

The Sound

Albus, Left-Eye, Jabbles, Egon, and Sanchez Oneeder are a five-man power trio family band with a uniquely mediocre Tejano surf blues sound.

We’re a modern rock band without the posturing, a punk rock band without the angst, a southern rock band without the mullets.The Oneeders (or those delightful hackers)

Where You Can Hear More

As they continue to work tirelessly on their magnum opus, billed as the “most-anticipated album of 2008,” you can get your Oneeders fix on their website and Facebook.

Keep doing that thing you do, boys….

I couldn’t help myself.

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