My Experience Learning To Play Ukulele

Our very own Rebecca shares what it it was like learning a second instrument

     I’ve always been a piano player since the age of five. As a songwriter, I felt I wanted to expand myself by being able to play multiple instruments. I asked one of my coworkers at Everything Musical which instrument would be a good
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Guitar Strings – The secret to your sound

How do I know if my strings need to be changed?

How often should I change my strings?

String life varies from string brand, and varies even more between different players. Strings should be changed whenever the strings show wear, tarnishing, corrosion, or no longer sound or feel responsive. A worn string of course affects tone, but
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Endless Options: First Guitar Edition

Taking the Mystery Out of Choosing Your Inaugural Ax

So you’ve decided to play guitar, huh?

Congratulations! Learning to play guitar is a great way to spend time connecting with yourself and others through music. Now comes that age-old question that every budding guitarist has to confront:

What guitar do I buy?