Repairs and Service

Guitar Repair

Bench Fee Fee for general instrument inspections and runthrough. Recommended when issue is not readily identifiable. Fee will be waived if repair costs more than $25.


Expedited Work Our shop runs on a first come first serve basis. Need that instrument tonight? We can bump you to the front of the line for a small fee.

40% Upcharge on repair bill

String Change $15 upcharge for 12 string guitars, slotted headstocks, mandolins, & instruments with a double locking tremolo

$15 + Price of Strings

Set Up Includes String Change, Action Adjustment,Saddle Adjustment, Intonation, Fretboard Polish and Recondition. $15 upcharge for 12 string guitars, slotted headstock, mandolins, and instruments with a double locking tremolo

$40 + Price of Strings

Single String Install

$5 + Price of String

Action Adjustment


Output Jack Repair Price only for repair; does not include parts. 

$15 + Price of Parts

Standard Switch Repair/Install Standard includes only Gibson or Fender style switches. Other switches subject to upcharge.

$25 + Price of Parts

Standard Pickup Install


    – Coil split or phase switch Price does not include modifications to the instrument.

    +$10 Price of parts

Standard Rewire Price only for common wiring schemes. All other wiring schemes subject to custom pricing.


Standard Pot Replacement

$25 + Price of Parts  

     +$10 for each add. pot

Nut Recut or Replacement Adjust nut slots for a heavier gauge string, or for better tuning stability


Nut Replacement and Cut Includes height adjustment, install, and cutting of the nut to fit your requested string gauge.


Saddle Lower/ Shim


Millwork Any modifications or repair of the wood or structure of the instrument is considered millwork, and subject to an hourly fee.

$60/ hour


Fret Repair
Fret Dress- level, crown, fully dressed fret ends


Lacquered, Maple, or Bound Fretboards



Fret Replacement- includes full fret dress


Lacquered, Maple, or Bound Fretboards


Dual Course & Extended Scale Instruments

add $50

Prices shown for Labor only. Material costs (fretwire, nuts, saddles, etc.) are not included.

Most fretwork will be completed within 10 business days, but due to the unpredictable nature of wood products, and the settling/curing process sometimes associated with this repair, not all instruments will be eligible for a speedy turnaround.


Free Stick Balancing now available!

Drum Head Change
Snare Drum Overhaul
  • Batter Head Tuning
  • Resonant Head Tuning                    
  • Snare Wire SetUp
  • Shell & Hardware Cleaning
  • Installation of new heads and wires
Snare Batter $10
Snare Resonant $15
Tom/Bass Drum $10
Bongo/Conga/Timbale $10
Hardware Replacement/Installation
Lug/Swivel Nut Replacement 


Snare Strainer Replacement 


Snare Wire Change/SetUp  


Drum Cleaning/Restoration
Shell and Hardware Light Cleaning Shell and Hardware Wiped Down and Polished  $20.00 per drum
Shell And Hardware Deep Cleaning
  • Hardware removed from drum and put in cleaner and polished         
  • Shell cleaned and polished                                                                           
  • Tension rods and strainer lubricated  
$40.00 per drum
Cymbal Cleaning Cymbal cleaned and polished $5 per cymbal

Note: Prices listed do not include cost of parts. Actual rates may vary and are subject to change